Years 7, 8 and 9

For year 7, 8 and 9 we accept students who are predicted to attain or have attained a level 4 and above in at least 2 KS2 tests, been successful for their interview. In certain circumstances we accept those who are on a level 3 in the required subjects

For year 10, the School will only accept students achieved a level 5 or above for SATS in at least two subjects and have successfully completed the application process. In some circumstances, this may differ.

Note: we do not accept students for year 11.

English as an additional (EAL)

We will endeavour to provide support to children who need additional help English as a second language working with teachers and students by providing: (a) in classroom support, (b) one to one or small group help with literacy and ensuring suitable materials for learning for students where necessary.

Special educational needs (SEN)

Presently the Academy does not accept any applications from SEN as the Academy does not have facilities to cater for the educational needs in this area.

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