Learning isn’t just about a study programme that leads to outstanding results. It is also about pupils enjoying learning and developing creativity within their subjects; outstanding results generally follow when pupils are inspired by what they do.

We aim never lose focus on academic excellence, but our will pupils benefit educationally, personally and socially from a rich and rounded educational experience. Our enrichment and extra-curricular activities help all pupils develop the skills and characteristics that will provide a solid foundation for all aspects of their lives as future business, professional and community leaders.

Our enrichment programme will help pupils develop into rounded individuals and enhances key personal skills and aptitudes which are much sought-after by universities and employers. These include oral communication, personal effectiveness, entrepreneurship, self-actualisation, problem-solving and enhanced emotional intelligence.

Breakfast Club – ‘Kick Start’

Our enrichment day starts at 7:15am with a free breakfast club available for all pupils each week day morning. Pupils have the opportunity to have a selection of hot or cold refreshments.

Enrichment within the curriculum

The school has a firm commitment that learning in each curriculum area should not just be about delivering a scheme of work or programme of study to achieve outstanding examination results, but should also be about students enjoying learning and developing creativity within that subject.

Each curriculum area will be expected to develop enrichment activities for learners and to signpost these activities.

Enrichment within curriculum areas should be aimed at:

  • Increasing enjoyment within that curriculum area
  • Providing challenge and developing independent learning in gifted and talented pupils in the curriculum area
  • Developing the profile of the curriculum area or particular skills and themes within that area

Each curriculum area will develop their enrichment activity throughout the academic year.  Enrichment includes:

  • Development of clubs linked to one or more curriculum areas
  • Development of faculty-based trips and outdoor learning opportunities
  • Identifying external facilitators to engage learners at JA

The enrichment activities will be delivered during:

  • Weekday evening sessions from 3pm till 3.55pm on particular days of the week when intervention sessions are not usually scheduled
  • Lessons to celebrate a particular ‘National Day’ or ‘ World Week’ related to an issue of relevance to the curriculum area
  • Weekends and early mornings/evenings where appropriate

In English and Communications, enrichment will include:

  • Poetry, Drama or Book Club
  • Debating Club
  • Publication of the school newsletter on a termly basis
  • Celebration of ‘World Book Day’ or ‘Poetry Week’ etc
  • Faculty trips to venues related to study in English and the languages

In Mathematical and Technological subjects, enrichment will include:

  • ‘Puzzles’ or ‘IT’ Club
  • Participation in ‘National Maths Challenge’ and other online competitions
  • Contribution of mathematical puzzles and conundrums for the school magazine
  • Contribution of an e-safety and e-advice section for the school magazine
  • First Lego League Club

In Scientific subjects, enrichment will include:

  • Celebration of National Science and Engineering Week
  • Science Club
  • Participation in ‘Science at Work’ events
  • Identifying external facilitators to deliver enrichment such as ‘Forensic Science Day’
  • Faculty-trips to Science museums, power stations etc.
  • MAD Science Club

In aesthetic areas, enrichment will include:

  • Celebration of the school’s annual ‘Art Days’
  • Visiting museums and galleries
  • Identifying external facilitators to lead learning on different cultures
  • An ‘Art Club’ to prepare material for display across the school buildings
  • A ‘J.A’s Got Talent’ day where learners rehearse and exhibit artistic performances on a chosen theme
  • Backing Club- preparing healthy food options

In the Humanities curricula, enrichment will include:

  • Celebration of ‘World Environment Day’, ‘Fair Trade Day’, ‘International Women’s Day’, ‘Citizenship Day’, Holocaust Memorial Day, St George’s Day and other related events
  • Development of inter-faith forums
  • Faculty trips to war museums, orienteering locations and other venues related to Humanities subjects
  • Linking students to other young people in poverty, marking  the ‘Global Week of Action Against Poverty’
  • Developing a pupil ‘Debating Society’ or ‘Student Parliament’

In the Sports curriculum, enrichment will include:

  • Celebration of ‘World Health Day’ etc
  • School’s annual ‘Sports Days’
  • FA refereeing course
  • Various after school activities including football, rugby, cricket and handball
  • After school and weekend fixtures in a variety of sports including football, rugby, cricket and handball