Our teachers are trained in the Islamic sciences with a background in theology and Islamic Studies,

Tahfeez-ul-Qur’an (Memorization of the Holy Qur’an)


  1. To create a structured curriculum that caters for students of varied abilities.
  2. To equip students enrolled on our Hifz or Alim course to be able to leave at the end of Y11 with sufficient Islamic knowledge and ability continue their journey and mature in the Islamic sciences inshaAllah.

Within our teaching frame work for Islamic studies, we will endeavor to cover some aspects of:

1. Qur’an with Tajwid
2. Hadith literature and the Sunnah
3. Hanafi Fiqh
4. Memorisation of the final part (Juz) of the Holy Qur’an
5. Islamic History (Early Islam)
6. Comparative Religious Studies
7. Da’wah (representation of Islam)

Islamic Theology (Alimiyyah) Course

*** coming soon ***