Fees Structure and Payment procedure 2023/24

Payment details:

The total yearly parental contributions of £2,250 is payable to Leeds Jinnah Academy and must be paid in advance or by instalments adhering to the following deadlines:

1stNew Y7 – 13th July 2022
Returning Student – n/a
2nd6th January 2023£750
3rd14th April 2023£750
  • First Child: £2,250 (Full Fees)
  • Second Child: £2,025 (10% Discount)
  • Third Child and any siblings thereafter: £1,912.5 (15% Discount)

Note: Parents are liable to pay the full instalment for the terms the student is admitted at the Academy. A discount of £100 (on school fees only) will be given provided the full fee is paid in advance.

Please note School fees only cover your daughter’s tuition, textbooks, locker key, homework diary and exercise books. In addition parents are still expected to pay for uniform, equipment, trips, GCSE examination fees and school meals.

Late Fees: No further reminders will be given for payment of fees. However, late payments will incur fines that will be added to the standard fees as follows:

For payments late by:

1 – 30 daysFirst late payment fee will be applied£20
31 – 60 daysSecond late payment fee will be applied £25
61 – 90 daysThird late payment fee will be applied £30

After the ninety day period, the student will not be allowed back to the Academy until all outstanding arrears have been cleared including any fines.

Admission Fee: An additional one off contribution of £100 is payable at the time of enrolment. This must be paid in cash and is non refundable.

Application Fee: An application fee of £50 is payable in cash upon submission of the application form and is non refundable.